Meet our friend Cody, he was diagnosed in 2016 with Rhabdomyosarcoma.  After his diagnosis, he went through a year of treatment and was considered NED (no evidence of disease).  In March of 2019,  his cancer returned and was so aggressive this time, that all of his organs began to shut down and Cody was in immediate need of a liver transplant.  The family traveled to DC in hopes to find a living donor.  After getting the word that they found a match,  Cody underwent a 13 hour surgery that included a complete reconstruction of his digestive system,  in addition to the liver transplant.  This surgery had only been performed once prior to Cody.  Cody had major complications that lead to  3 weeks in the ICU, his abdomen was left open and his first transplant failed.   During these surgeries, Cody lost a lot of blood and oxygen, which unfortunately lead to brain damage. Cody had several emergency surgeries following, including a successful transplant.   After months of recovering, he is at home,  still receiving treatments  both here and  in DC but is doing well overall.

During this time, Cody’s mom (who  is a single mom) made multiple trips back and forth to DC with an older vehicle that eventually broke down.  This left her having to borrow a vehicle from family members to get back and forth to doctor appointments.  When Adipsy learned of the situation,  we reached out to Hendrick Automotive who partnered with Geico Cares and we were able to provide the family with an amazing vehicle.  Enterprise also donated gift cards for gas as well as all parties involved filling the back of the vehicle with goody bags.  We are beyond grateful to Rick Hendrick, Geico and Enterprise for answering the call to care for one of our pediatric oncology families.  When a community comes together we can do great things!