Battling cancer during COVID can seem scarier than Freddy Krueger himself, so if you are keeping it safe this Halloween here are some tips and tricks on ways to not compromise on those fun Halloween Memories


1.) Jack –o – Lanterns – Create jack o lanterns to set the Halloween vibes on your front porch!

2.) Pumpkin Themed Cooking Challenge – Host a Masterchef style cook-off using pumpkin as the focus ingredient!

3.) Halloween Movie Marathon – Pop some popcorn and get comfy for a Halloween Movie Marathon! Pick age/scare appropriate movies for your household.

4.) Halloween Charades – Play a Halloween themed charades game you can print one for free here! 

5.) Halloween Bingo – This site has several options for free!  

6.) Buy your favorite candy and indulge!

7.) Whip up a homemade Halloween treats like these –

8.) Dress up and have an at-home dance party – Alexa and Apple music can bring the best Halloween DJ mix to your home! Can anyone say Thriller!?