More often than not, family ties quickly become of utmost importance to a person who receives a diagnosis of cancer.  The hugs, smiles, prayers, laughter, reminiscing, storytelling and very presence of family members in the same room bring the patient comfort and hope.  Few would argue that a break or a getaway seems to have a magical ability to bring families closer together.  Somehow spending time in different surroundings is more peaceful – a break from the routine and memorized scenery.  Adipsy’s HOMES OF HOPE provides these breaks – giving families a chance for rest, relaxation and restoration for what lies ahead.

We have partnered with resorts, real estate companies and private individuals to provide these getaways to patients and their families.

We are excited to announce that a beautiful home in Wintergreen, VA was recently donated to Adipsy.  A patent attorney from Washington DC and his wife (who is battling cancer) gave a huge gift of their home on the resort.  Adipsy assumed the debt of $80,000 on the home and the equity was a tax deductible donation from this generous couple.  This home will be filled with many memories of cancer patients and their families year round.
Our goal is to pay this debt off in 2018!  Having the property debt free will allow us to minimize our overhead on the home and utilize all funding to provide memorable weeks to those in the battle of their lives.  Adipsy is asking you to join us today – through a one time gift or a monthly partnership to make this a reality.  Adipsy is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization and your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.