Oscar had the ride of his life last week! In special thanks to Wintergreen Adaptive Sports Adipsy was able to send this Home of Hope guest down the slopes for the day for a skiing session like no other.

“Our family enjoyed being in wintergreen for the weekend. We were out on the slopes with wintergreen adaptive ski. Our son OSCAR who has cancer (diffuse midline glioma) was able to ski for the first time since being diagnosed and bound to a wheelchair. It was honestly the best ski trip we’ve ever had. It meant so much to us to see him active again and enjoying every minute. We will always treasure these memories. Thank you so so much!!!”

Oscar’s mom explained just how much this trip meant to the family saying “This trip meant everything to our family. Most likely it will be the last time we will be skiing as a family. We never thought OSCAR would be able to ski again. OSCAR has terminal cancer and we are currently on borrowed time with no cure in sight. We savored every minute of this weekend and we are so grateful to be able to have this opportunity.”