Your child has cancer are words that no parent wants to hear. 

Aaron’s mom received these words in September 2015 when she was told her child had ALL.  After months of procedures, treatment and a bone marrow transplant, he suffer’s from GvHD, which is a side affect of his bone marrow transplant.  GvHD makes Aaron sensitive to the sun making vacations and trips outdoors for extended periods impossible.

Aaron was able to spend some much needed time away at Adipsy’s Home of Hope in Wintergreen. His mom said “Wintergreen was like being protected by God’s awning in the canopy of tress that surrounded us.”

Aaron’s mom had this to say….
“Watching Aaron explore is what I will cherish the most.  His wonder and excitement as he learned new things about the woods and wildlife.  Watching him safely explore this new environment brought peace to my soul.  Thirty five months ago my world stopped and there was a time period where I didn’t dare think about tomorrow, because of cancer, I couldn’t be assured of what tomorrow held.  As we walked the trails of Wintergreen and got excited about where we were, the turkey and deer sightings, searching for bears and the eventual bear sighting, a fox, a beaver’s day, the waterfalls….I couldn’t help but fall to the back of the group.  As I watched Aaron explore, I also thanked God that He had brought Aaron through so much.  With tears of thankfulness and joy I remembered that just a short while ago, from the side of a hospital bed, this time together as a family making special memories wasn’t a guaranteed part of the equation.  Thank you so much Adipsy and your donors for allowing my family this special time together for being the hands and feet of Jesus.  What you offer so many families is such an amazing blessing.”